At a time when we are feeling the pain of the ban on gatherings and information and communication technologies are among our only means of maintaining ties with others, questioning our ways of being in the world has become a pressing issue, particularly in light of the serious and systemic violence that many communities and populations suffer, both here and elsewhere. 

In his essay Habiter le monde, the economist and writer Felwine Sarr argues that the many crises we are experiencing (climate, migration, rising extremism) are intertwined and stem from a single crisis of relationality. Despite greater global connectivity, relationships between individuals, groups and societies and with the natural world that is our home continue to be deeply marked by patterns of domination. These can, however, be replaced by a reconfiguration of narrative and visual regimes. 

Like many “countervisualities,” the works in Somewhere, Otherwise poetically attempt to depict the world differently. Through personal proposals and openly situated points of view, the artists faye mullen, Mona Sharma, Anna Binta Diallo and Leila Zelli cross-explore the entanglement of temporalities and histories, and the unequal sharing of space, territory and the imaginary.

While the Internet continues to perpetuate power biases and serves as a breeding ground for extremist ideas, voices, views and stories that are too often eclipsed still manage to make their way onto the screen. By using images circulating on the Web as raw material, remixing them and staging them respectively in their works, the four artists bring out unique perspectives, countering the usual visual regime. So that from the surface of the screen to real life, there is a transfer of new affects.

in relationships


faye mullen


Mona Sharma

Negociations II

Anna Binta Diallo

Pourquoi devrais-je m'arrêter?

Leila Zelli