Musée d’art actuel / Département des invisibles


We declare this place as a space for collective creation where we are all equal.

We demand, here and now, a cultural and social liberation that enhances all that we are—yes, you like me, with your unique and particular skin colour.

I am an earthling, we are earthlings. I am what you are looking at—a black man, a white woman, a red elephant, a thousand-coloured quetzal. I am Medusa, with my penetrating gaze and my coif of a thousand serpents that rattle the conscience of humanity. 

We are the nobodys, the homeless, the undocumented, the temporary workers, the refugees, the artists, the racialized people who champion a Republic with myriad accents.

I invite you to join us in this sacred place to embark upon a new quiet revolution that rejects the monochromatic convenience of art.

I invite you to join us, so that together we can rewrite the history of our society, in all its plurality.

Let's stop undervaluing difference and address the root causes of systemic exclusion in the arts. 

Let’s bring about the emergence of other realities, with their cultural particularities and identities.

Let's join forces to recognize the contribution of culturally diverse practices that participate in the art community and Québec society.

Let's practice diversity, let us be one with nature, let's breed knowledge with knowledge. Let us honour the earth, indigenous visions of the cosmos, the global south.

“¡Activemos nuestro instinto caníbal!”

Look around you, in your workplace, around your table and your friends: who is present? Look at me and let me speak! Let's talk.

Artist-run centres: present; art galleries: present; collectors: present; John Zeppetelli: present; Stéphane Aquin: present; Sasha Suda: present; Jean-Luc Murray: present; Jean-François Bélisle: present; Guy Laliberté: present; Phyllis Lambert: present; Louise Déry: present; Phoebe Greenberg: present; Robert Lepage: present; Quebecor: present; Radio-Canada: present; Télé-Québec: present; and the Québec of today: present.

Come and meet me, I’m expecting you for tea with a spoonful of maple syrup.

“Let's make room for migration! Make way for subjective mysteries! Make way for decolonized love! Make way for the necessities of art!”

IN relationships

Kek kalite chavire
chodye a

Marie La Vierge
et Yonel Charles

White Flowers

Eliza Olkinitskaya



It Looks Nice From a Distance

Anahita Norouzi